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Unleashing Your Creative Genius!


About Generic Universe Publishing

Generic Universe Publishing is owned and managed by Patrick Lawinger, a freelance writer, editor, and developer of RPG material for over 9 years. His RPG credits include Ennie nominated Hall of the Rainbow Mage and popular favorites City State of the Invincible Overlord (revised) and Eldritch Sorcery as well as a number of other books. You can find his CV here and his RPG publication list here.

Why did I start this company?

Well, apparently, I like to do away completely with any notion of free time. As a stay-at-home dad with 4 children, several involved in competitive athletics, I decided that the various freelance projects I am working on weren’t enough.

On a more serious note, witnessing my children involved in a number of activities has shown me a disturbing trend in our society. It seems that being “politically correct” has been stretched to the point that some people appear to be striving to create a “generic universe” in which mediocrity is not only accepted but encouraged. In the USA we have schools that no longer publish honor rolls or give out awards for significant accomplishments for fear of hurting the feelings of those that didn’t make the cut. We have schools that have banished such terrible games as “tag” because it can hurt feelings.

I believe creativity is a great strength in any endeavor, not just art or writing, but also business, science, and virtually any other area you can think of. When they are young, children are extremely creative but that creativity fades without encouragement. When I originally picked the name for this company I was thinking about a number of products aimed at helping children develop and maintain their creativity. While I was working on these long-term projects I realized I had many of interesting ideas for generic RPG products that could be used across a variety of RPG gaming systems.

I formed GU to help expand my own horizons and extend my creativity into new areas. Having helped others involved in running companies before, I realize that there is a great deal more involved than simply writing, slapping things together (generic black and white website notwithstanding) and tossing them out for people to purchase. I decided that if I wish to work on products designed to help expand other's creativity, than I should take the leap and expand my own. While I write this I still haven't announced this website, or my business plans to but a select few. Yet, the process has energized me. My excitement for both the work I am doing for this company and my freelance projects has grown exponentially. I look forward to the challenges provided by running my own company and I am excited by the way some ideas appear to be working out.

A quick look at many of the old “classic” RPG products reveals that most of those products did not necessarily dictate a game system, or direct route of adventure, instead, they provided tools to the GM and the players, who, using their own creative input, made those products great. Strangely, it is the most generic and mutable adventure or supplement that triggers the greatest memories, not based on what the product did, but on what people did WITH that product. I hope to bring that creative excitement back with GU.

I’ll be posting more of my thoughts on starting the company, and the various trials and tribulations, on my Blog as well as in various news updates on the website. Stop by often and email me anytime to let me know what you think.




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