Update: January 3, 2009



Unleashing Your Creative Genius!


Get to know the GU Artists!

Jason Ludwig
Artist and writer Jason Ludwig lives happily in Beverly Massachusetts with his wife and cats. A 20 year veteran of roleplaying, he spends all of his available time creating images and written descriptions of his unique view of medieval fantasy which he describes as both gritty and mythologically based. He possesses a B.F.A. in illustration and passion for world folklore and occult, cigars, and all things Irish or Mezoamerican.

Dave Gilham
With over 10 years experience in graphic design, Dave recently started his own graphic design studio. Dave has worked at all levels of graphic design, from logo design through all elements of the printing process. Dave’s experience includes full layout of telephone books as well as layout of brochures, business cards, post cards, and Journals. Working with a non-profit legal services company taught Dave a level of organization that allows him to adjust easily to budget conscious projects. Dave is happiest doing freelance work where he gets to work on his photography, layout, and design skills while meeting and working with a variety of people and companies. Whether the order is a finished printed product, or simply the art/design files to bring to your own printer, no job is too big or to small for Dave Graphix!



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