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This is where you'll find information about the latest City Streets releases. The latest release is Agouri's Scriptorium which is available for download right now. If you are looking for any other locations please review the list below. Soon you will be able to see predicted releases at the bottom of the page (see the color codes to the right). Most recent releases are always at the top of the page.

Agouri's Scriptorium

Need ancient scrolls translated? Want help interpreting the scribble on that treasure map? Agouri can help!

Agouri’s Scriptorium is a haven for those that need letters written, or any sort of translation service. Merchants use him for simple bookkeeping, and nobles send their children to learn to read and write. Agouri is well-traveled and can read, write, and speak a wide variety of languages, even languages dead and forgotten to others. If the PCs need special letters written, books translated, or any sort of language service Agouri’s is the place to turn to.

Release Date: August 14, 2009

Summer Tavern Special I

Welcome to Christmas in July! To help celebrate Generic Universe Publishing is offering this special compilation of City Streets tavern offerings during the first part of 2009. In addition to the following taverns, this compilation includes a tiny dive known as The Gorgon’s Breath. Available now through the future, your best discount on this low-priced collection is during Christmas in July!

Follow these links for more information on the following  included taverns:
The Black Ape
Brandy’s by the Bay
The Green Dragon
The Mug and Bottle
The White Tankard

Release Date: July 23, 2009

The Mug and Bottle

Whatever vice your PCs, or the criminals they seek, might have, The Mug and Bottle is happy to serve their dark desires.

Zeon the Bold serves drugs, booze and women in the run down warehouse he converted into a tavern and brothel designed specifically to serve the basest vices of the sailors, dockworkers, and anyone else willing to enter The Mug and Bottle. Home to addicts and drunks, Zeon makes no secret that he will help satisfy any vice, if he doesn’t have what you need, he certainly knows someone that does, for a price.

GM Note: This product describes several new drugs in generic terms for your game use. It does contain themes of drug use, addiction, and prostitution that might not be appropriate for your game, but these themes can easily be altered.

Release Date: July 17, 2009

Brandy's by the Bay

Need a drink after that long trip into port? Brandy’s by the Bay has drinks to serve before you even leave the docks!

Carved out of an old warehouse, Brandy’s sits at the edge of the docks between the warehouses and the city. Whether the PCs seek drinks, stories, or ships to find passage on, Brandy’s provides them all. Sailors, traveling merchants, and dockworkers fill the bar every night seeking little more than a drink, a smoke, and time to relax. Where is Brandy’s lost husband? Is he a dreaded pirate, or a cheating husband buried beneath the floorboards? Only you and your PCs can decide.

Release Date: April 30, 2009

Siarl's Herbs and Elixirs

Need some potions or healing kits? Siarl has been selling potions for over a hundred years!

Located near the heart of the city, Siarl’s small shop and carefully guarded garden are easy to find. Siarl provides herbs, potions, and advice to anyone passing through. If the PCs need a simple potion, Siarl is happy to provide. Just don’t ask him how old he is, or try to get into his garden. In addition to the normal details provided by all City Streets locations, Siarl’s also provides several new potions the GM can adjust to their own game system.

Release Date: April 16, 2009

Zinia's Spa

Are the PC’s worn out from adventuring? Perhaps it is time to visit Zinia’s Spa for a relaxing massage or a healing mudbath!

Located on the edge of town near some natural steam vents, Zinia’s Spa caters to those wealthy enough to afford its specialized treatments and massages. While Zinia might staff her spa with former prostitutes and other young women from the streets, this is a true spa designed to help clients relax and recover from a hard journey. The spa’s reputation for luxury grows with each passing year as more and more customers come to visit.

Whether or not the PCs decide to use the spa for what it is, the NPC descriptions and adventure hooks provided here can help any GM make use of the spa in their own way. This location also provides alternative ideas for adventures in high fantasy/high magic campaigns involving demons, angels or other extraplanar creatures.

Release Date: April 2, 2009

Miel's Curios

Miel is a purveyor of interesting curiosities, spinner of tales, and leads a secret life as a nefarious lothario. He sells a wide variety of goods, and is always willing to search for special requests. Whether the PCs end up dealing with Miel’s darker secrets, come by to hear the latest rumors, or simply come to purchase some of Miel’s sometimes eclectic goods, Miel is a memorable character and his store is certain to burn its way into their memory.

Release Date: February 26, 2009

The Green Dragon

Standing above its neighbors at the cusp of a low rise, the Green Dragon is easy to find, even for travelers new to the city. Although the menu consists only of a simple spicy stew and ale, the Green Dragon’s reputation for cleanliness makes it a tavern of choice for many. Add in regular visits by traveling bards and entertainers and it is easy to see how the Green Dragon has become one of the most popular taverns in town. With clean rooms to rent, the Green Dragon is also a favored stop for travelers and adventurers of all types.

Release Date: February 12, 2009

The White Tankard

Serving dregs to the dregs of the city, the White Tankard sells the cheapest ale and food in the city. Meeting place for criminals of all types, and solace for the downtrodden, the White Tankard crouches in the poorest part of town. Names here are quickly forgotten, if they are even spoken aloud, the White Tankard is the perfect hideaway for those that wish to be forgotten or ignored. Whether the PCs need information, or a cheap drink, the Tankard can provide, just don’t expect a clean mug …

Release Date: January 29th, 2009

The Lord’s Kennel

Known for the finest hunting dogs in all the realms, The Lord’s Kennel is a destination for any adventurer seeking a well-trained guardian. What training secrets does Master Dunwalt use to produce such excellent animals? Whether they seek secrets or pets, the Lord’s Kennel is a curious destination designed to pique the curiosity of adventurous characters.

Release Date: January 15th, 2009

Kagen's Books and Knowledge

Simply put, Kagen sells information. Whether the PCs want to purchase books, research forgotten knowledge in his library, or learn the darkest secrets of the nobility, Kagen is happy to help, for a reasonable fee. If the PCs are lazy enough, Kagen can do their research for them, just don't expect him to forget what he has learned.

Kagen's received a 4/5 from OBS staff reviewer Peter Ingham, check out his review here.

The Black Ape

by Jason Ludwig

Serving sailors and travelers of all types, this dockside tavern’s exotic cuisine and interesting reputation are sure to attract an adventurer’s attention. Customers eat and drink their fill while being served by exotic islanders and soaking up the relaxing atmosphere. Stories and story-tellers abound, including the tale of the tavern’s namesake, a massive black ape standing paralyzed behind the bar. Whether the PCs seek an interesting meal, information about distant lands, or the challenge of the mysterious ape, the Black Ape is happy to provide.


Gior's Glassworks

Do the PCs need a few more flasks, some bottles, or alchemical equipment? Whether it is a simple windowpane or delicate crystal vase, Gior’s Glassworks can create any glass product the PCs can imagine. Gior’s Glassworks presents a detailed fantasy glassworks for use as either a simple store or a starting point for new adventures.

Gior's is our first release and is available at no charge! If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. One reviewer has already give it a 5/5!




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