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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, these might be more like answers to questions you might ask. If you come up with more questions don't hesitate to email.

What sort of products are you planning to make?

First, GU is going to start with generic RPG products including planned fantasy, modern , and future (space) lines. Other plans are flexible, there are a number of possible ideas and product plans that may push forward depending upon the market. Long-term plans (3-5 years) include a flexible, easy RPG designed for children. The present outline is designed as an educational game for parents or teachers to play with children. Obviously, it is difficult to discuss some of these long-term plans right now.

What do you mean by “generic RPG products?”

The first planned products include a “City Streets” line detailing locations found in a fantasy city. The NPCs and/or creatures described in these products possess generic descriptions as to their powers and abilities, allowing the Game Master to decide how best to represent them in whatever game system is being used. These “generic” products can be used with any RPG game system whether new or old and will all include enough information to help drive new adventures or adventure ideas. Part of our generic theme includes the use of black and white clip art. Cover art decisions are still being made, but these will likely go the “generic” route as well. The theme of our products is that the Game Master is needed to add true color to our products, with each one being individualized by the customer.

Initial products will likely be in the 5-8 page range with 24-32 page compilations being offered. Customers will be allowed to choose individual locations, or a compilation of locations as the numbers build up. Eventually we plan to offer City Streets locations for modern and future settings.

When will compilations be ready?

Compilations will be planned into the release schedule after enough smaller products have been released. Some "bundles" will be available through online retailers but plans have been made for POD (print on demand) compilations as well. Pricing of compilations has not been determined.

What else are you planning?

GU is hoping to help get some out of print and little known products back into the marketplace and is presently negotiating to push some of these products into the electronic world. Some of these discussions are somewhat difficult as several of the publishers for these products are out of business and finding the true owners of the copyright for some products has been difficult. GU will only announce positive outcomes of these discussions but hopes are high so continue to watch the news on the GU website as well as the owner’s blog.

GU is also in the planning stages for a JumpStart line of GM aids, and the GreatCreators series of electronic books. Look for more information about these lines on the Products page.

Are you going to make d20/OGL or 4th edition GSL products too?

It is possible that GU will do some d20/OGL or 4e GSL products in the future. A 4e product line logo and a list of possible products has already been prepared but the work on those projects is going to depend on changes to the GSL (Game System License) that have not been released. UPDATE 3/23/2009: We have determined that the revised GSL is acceptable and are making active plans for 4e products. More information will be posted soon.

Do you take Submissions and Proposals?

In short, yes. GU is presently seeking freelancers for our City Streets line of products. Proposals for other RPG products will also be reviewed. If you send in a proposal please allow time to review it before seeking a response. If the product isn’t right for GU, I will let you know and do my best to suggest other publishers that might be interested in your work. Please look at the Submissions page for more information.


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