Update: May 4, 2009



Unleashing Your Creative Genius!


Open Call

We have two Open Calls at the moment. (Note: I know that the guidelines are not linked to at the moment. I had to update before I was ready. The guidelines should be ready in a few days).

First, we are always looking for submissions for the City Streets product line. Please review our submission guidelines and look at Gior's Glassworks for an idea of what these products are like.

Second, we are looking for 1-2 paragraph descriptions of NPCs that can be found on the city streets or in a tavern. These submissions are UNPAID. This means that you give us full rights to the character name and description for nothing more than being listed as a "contributing author." These submissions will be used in the Tavern Denizens line of products and have their own submission guidelines here.

Themes we are looking for right now include "Craftsmen and Merchants" and "Noblemen and Adventurers." Other themes will be posted when ready, or emailed upon request.

If you have questions about any of these open calls or guidelines please email us.


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