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Curriculum  Vitae

Patrick J. P. Lawinger, Ph.D.


1984-1988  Bachelor of Arts: Major in Biology
                   Houston, TX
1990-1996  Doctor of Philosophy
                    Cell and Molecular Biology Program and Department of Molecular and         
                    Human Genetics
                    Dissertation Advisor: Juan Botas
                    Dissertation Title:  "Homeotic Regulation of the Drosophila LIM and              
                    Homeodomain Containing Gene apterous in Embryonic Muscle 
                    Baylor College of Medicine
                    Houston, TX

Research Experience:

1986-1988  Student Laboratory Assistant

                    Laboratory of George J. Schroepfer, M.D., Ph.D.
                    Biochemistry Department 
                    Rice University, Houston, TX

1988-1990  Research Technician
                    Laboratory of Philippe Soriano, Ph.D.
                    Howard Hughes Medical Institute
                    Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

1990-1996 Graduate Student
                   Laboratory of Juan Botas, Ph.D.
                   Department of Molecular and Human Genetics
                   Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

1997-1999  Post-Doctoral Fellow 
                   Laboratory of Sadhan Majumder, Ph.D. 
                   University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
                   Department of Neuro-Oncology, Box 100
                   Houston, TX 77030

2000-Present Freelance Writing, Editing, and Game Design

2007-Present Owner/Manager, Generic Universe Publishing

Research Publications:

Soriano, P., G. Friedrich, and P. Lawinger. 1991.  "Promoter Interactions in Retroviral Vectors Introduced into Fibroblasts and Embryonic Stem Cells." J. Virol. 65:2314-2319.

Eldon, E., S. Kooyer, D. D'Evelyn, M. Duman, P. Lawinger, J. Botas, and H. Bellen.  1994.  "The Drosophila 18 wheeler Gene is Required for Morphogenesis and has Striking Similarities to Toll." Development 120:885-899

Lawinger, P., L. Rastelli, Z. Zhao, and S. Majumder.  1999.  "Lack of enhancer function is unique to oocytes and fertilized eggs." JBC 274:8002-8011

Lawinger, P., R. Venugopal, Z-S. Guo, A. Immaneni, L. Rastelli, D. Sengupta, W. Lu, Z. Zhao, A. M. Dias-Carneiro, G. Fuller, V. Levin, Y. Echelard and S. Majumder. 2000. "Expression of REST/NRSF is a critical phenotype of medulloblastoma cells."  Nature Medicine 6:826-831.

Immaneni, A., P. Lawinger*, Z. Zhao, W. Lu, L.Rastelli, J.H. Morris, and S. Majumder. 2000. "REST-VP16 activates multiple neuronal differentiation genes in human NT2 cells." Nucleic Acids Research 28:3403-10
* Co-first author.


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