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City of Brass
Necromancer Games 2007 Contributor
Tome of Artifacts
Necromancer Games 2007 Co-Author
Dungeon of Kubla Khan, The
Troll Lord Games 2006 Co-Author
Rappan Athuk Reloaded
Necromancer Games 2006 Editor
Bard’s Gate
Necromancer Games 2006 Contributor
City Guide: Darkside
Darkquest Games 2006 Co-Author
Wilderlands of High Fantasy
Necromancer Games 2005 Co-Author, Design Team
Eldritch Sorcery
Necromancer Games 2005 Lead Author, Developer, Editor
Dead Man’s Chest
Necromancer Games 2005 Editor
Glades of Death
Necromancer Games 2005 Lead Author, Developer
Tome of Horrors III
Necromancer Games 2005 Contributor
City Guide: Nautical Necessities
Darkquest Games 2005 Co-Author
City State of the Invincible Overlord (revision)
Necromancer Games 2004 Author
Tome of Horrors II
Necromancer Games 2004 Contributor
Gnomes, Masters of Illusion
Darkquest Games 2003 Co-Author
Wilderlands of High Fantasy: Player’s Guide
Necromancer Games 2003 Co-Author, Design Team
Morrick Mansion
Necromancer Games 2003 Author
Hall of the Rainbow Mage
Necromancer Games 2002 Author
City Guide: Coffer of Coins
Darkquest Games 2002 Co-Author
Moon Elves
Darkquest Games 2002 Co-Author
Tome of Horrors
Necromancer Games 2002 Contributor
Relics and Rituals: Lost Lore
Sword and Sorcery Studio 2002 Contributor
Olduvai’s Test
Roc Games (out of business) 2001 Author
City Guide 1: Everyday Life
Dark Quest Games 2001 Co-Author
Relics and Rituals
Sword and Sorcery Studio 2001 Contributor


Terms used above include: Author: sole author or main author; Lead Author: main author in charge of the book; Co-Author: one of several contributing authors; Contributor: provided small pieces of additional work credited as "additional writing," "contributor;" or "contributing author," Developer: responsible for the development and organization of the book; Editor: editor or one of several editors for the book; Design Team: part of a team of developers working on this product.

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