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City Streets is our first major product line as part of the Sparks™ series of products. Our first release in the City Streets line is Gior’s Glassworks, which is available for free from RPGNow, DriveThruRPG and related OneBookShelf vendors. Sparks™ products are system independent and can be used with any fantasy role-playing game system. These products are designed to allow the maximum level of flexibility to the Game Master (GM) and to help ignite the creativity of both the players and the GM.


City Streets

Has dungeon work worn your adventurers down? Are they searching for something new and different? Need a place to get rid of their newfound wealth? Maybe it is time to hit the streets!
City Streets products provide heavily detailed city locations designed for enjoyable role-playing encounters while also providing enough adventure hooks to encourage the characters to head back into danger. Whether it is a tavern, shop, guild house, noble’s manor, or massage parlor, each of these locations possesses detailed information about the building, business, and the NPCs living or working there. NPC descriptions are detailed, but contain no statistical information making them useful with any game system.

These locations are mere sparks designed to fire your creativity, and that of the players, to take your game in new directions.

You can find a list of our latest City Streets locations and information on upcoming locations at the City Corner.

Our next major product line is the GreatCreators series of ebooks. The GreatCreators line reintroduces classic novels and short stories to modern readers with ebooks designed specifically for on-screen reading. Read classic stories by authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Ernest Bramah and even Edgar Rice Burroughs on your laptop or home computer. Enjoy the stories that spawned generations of creative writers in a portable electronic format.

Look for more information about the GreatCreators line in the Creators' Corner.


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