Update: May 4, 2009



Unleashing Your Creative Genius!


May 4, 2009

Generic Universe Publishing (GU) is looking for help at several levels. Unfortunately, these positions are all being listed as “unpaid.” The truth is, you’ll be paid something, but the pay rate right now is so low that, well, let’s just go with “unpaid” and leave it there. Sure we’ll give you “credit” (which we all know is a path toward fame and glory) but sales are low enough right now that we can’t realistically promise much money. We could promise you a % of profits, but that is generally not going to work out well for you either.

Writers Guidelines are here.

The Open Call page is here.

First, 4e rules editor/guru
GU is planning to produce some 4e products in the near future, but to do so we want a skilled rules editor/stat-block guru. We do not need play-testers just someone that knows the 4e rules very well and knows how to create stat blocks, edit blocks, etc. If you are interested, please contact GU. Once this position is filled we’ll take down this ad. If we need more play-testers in the future we will post another ad just for play-testers.

Second, Cartography.
GU needs someone that can do simple black and white maps in a “classic” style but with a more refined finish than what we use in the City Streets line right now. In addition to the maps used in these publications, we’d like to offer maps scaled at 1 square per inch (contact GU for more details). While this is “paid” the pay is terrible. Ideally, we’d like to pay $5 per location (locations do vary in size) and 50% of the profits from sales of any maps offered for individual sale. Let’s face it, this is a terrible rate of pay, but if you are interested, please contact GU. Hey, we always give you credit.

We are willing to negotiate with someone willing to do maps for an entire series of products. Please look at Gior's Glassworks for an idea of the City Streets locations. Serious candidates will be given copies of other CS locations so they know what they are getting into.

Third; Art.
GU is looking for (very) inexpensive or, (better yet) free artwork. We’d like non-exclusive rights for print and electronic publishing. Your artwork will NOT be offered as clip-art (unless you want us to, but that would be a different arrangement) nor would we be making T-shirts or other products with it. Obviously, this is best for people that happen to have a few sketches of bar scenes, characters, or the like already completed for other reasons. As always, we’ll give you proper credit.

We are most interested in medieval buildings, NPCs, and city scenes. If interested, please email us.

Fourth: Writing.

GU is always open to submissions for the City Streets line of products (please check our guidelines and download Gior’s Glassworks to get an idea of what we are looking for) and is open to proposals for other products. GU has some product plans/ideas for 4th edition that need writers. If you are interested, please let us know. Pay here is going to vary based on the product line you are writing for and your background. Generally, pay is going to be $0.005 per word (that is half a cent per 6 characters). This is bad enough, but some products might have a budget "cap" for the writing. GU will make it clear what our caps and pay standards are.

There is presently an Open Call for city and tavern NPCs. This is UNPAID with contributing author credit ONLY. Please check the Open Call page for more details

Payments: Officially, most writing contracts will state that you'll be paid "within 30 days of publication." Unofficially, I have been paying shortly after acceptance as any delay on getting things published is generally on my end. This said, I usually write checks once a month. I can provide email addresses of people that have done work for me to show that I do, indeed, pay. I just don't pay very well.

Payment for artwork and cartography is generally going to be on receiving a signed contract (depending upon the contract).



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