Update: March 23, 2009

Book I: The Dives is now available!


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Tavern Denizens

Tavern Denizens is the main running title for a new series of books aimed at helping GMs determine who might actually be in the Tavern when the PCs burst in. Throughout centuries taverns have been places to meet, relax, and talk. In the past some large taverns have even doubled as spot for town meetings. It is no mistake that PCs so often find themselves in bars looking for information or trying to meet someone. How many classic adventures start with the PCs starting at, or meeting at, a bar? The question becomes, who else is in the tavern? Tavern Denizens books provide lists of NPCs designed to fill any tavern the PCs walk into. Not every tavern customer is a foul rogue, “contact” or wealthy nobleman in disguise. Tavern Denizens provides a range of possible customers, all of which can be interesting to PCs in their own way.

These books provide 1-2 paragragh descriptions of 25 different NPCs that can be found in the tavern. As a Sparks™ product, the NPCs contain no statistical information but the descriptions and Sparks™ guidelines should allow GM's to easily create statistics if they are needed.

Book I: The Dives looks at the seedy, dirty, dingy taverns in the darkest, poorest area of town. While dimly lit confines certainly attract crooks and criminals avoiding the light, most of the patrons are simple laborers or peasants drinking away shattered dreams or soothing recent sorrows. These are people generally so poor that they aren’t worth robbing; even the thieves of the city leave them alone. Though not “evil” by most definitions, many of these lost souls have the desperation of the truly destitute and seek out any means of making a few coins even if they simply plan to drink it away.

If the PCs are looking for conversation, information, a few quick drinks or an all out brawl, someone in the tavern will be happy to provide. Come drink with Tavern Denizens tonight! 




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