Update: September 10, 2009



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In the Pipeline!

Here is where you will find information about our upcoming products as well as planned product lines. All release dates mentioned here (if we even mention a release date) are tentative and subject to change with the wind.

*Special Update-9/10/09* GU is responding to consumer comments and reviews and changing the way we do some of the City Streets and Tavern Denizens books. A new layout of the Sparks Introduction is being worked on as a free electronic release. Future electronic City Streets and Tavern Denizens releases will no longer have the Sparks Introduction, customers will, however, be able to download the introduction as a free release.

In addition to our main City Streets product line, we have new Tavern Denizens books planned as well as products compatible with both the 3rd and 4th editions of the world's most popular role-playing game. Some of the titles here are tentative and might be changed before final release. Not all planned books will be listed here, but we'll try to highlight the books that are closest to being ready as well as those that are still deep in development.


Sparks Primer

This free book describes how the Sparks system describes NPCs, items, traps, locks, and more for easy conversion to any Role-Playing Game.


Alchemists and Healers

The next planned release in the City Streets line will detail several smaller locations the PCs are certain to find useful when in search of a potion, curative, or herbal healing.

*UPDATE* This release is delayed due to changes described above.

Tavern Denizens

Book II: By the Docks

The second book in the Tavern Denizens line looks at the occupants of taverns located near the docks. It includes drunken sailors, burly dockworkers, and some of the women that "serven" them. There might even be a few Pirates!

*UPDATE* This release is delayed due to changes described above.

4gotten Options: Firearms


(cover not available)

This is one of our first planned 4th edition compatible books and looks at bringing both modern and medieval firearms into your fantasy campaign. The weapons are presented in more general terms with feats and equipment designed to be compatible with existing rules.

This product is still in development but we are hoping for a November release.




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